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We have a long standing client in Wilmslow.

They are a legal firm covering Flight Delay and Holiday Sickness and Personal Injury.

We have never been their sole supplier and never will be – they like to work with just a couple of preferred suppliers and we are honoured to be one this elite group.

However we were appointed their only and sole supplier on entry level legal and customer service roles back in 2017.

The entry level legal roles allow those with a good law degree to work, earn and gain their qualifications and truly build their legal career.

The customer service roles are for candidates with a fresh and positive customer service approach to follow up initial enquiries – but if these candidates show an interest in the law they are support with their training and qualifications and a full blown legal career can be theirs.

In an average year we will recruit approximately 22 new entry level team members.

We are proud to say that we have never had more than 2 credits per year.

This is because we understand the company, the culture and each job role.

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